Welcome to Adlich Development

Welcome all to my personal website

     This is my window to the world wide web. Feel free to look around and take in whatever information you can. The whole purpose of my site is to introduce people to me and my ability to design development solutions, primarily through the .NET framework. Being a programmer has been my goal for almost a decade now and my excitement has never wavered. I use my excitement to gain a sharper understanding of development, and the technologies behind it, everyday.

     I'm very passionate about programming and being able to create things how I envision them. Technology in general is something I find fascinating. Designing and coding a project brings an entertaining, fun challenge to my desk that presents the unique opportunity to be a creator; I love it. These puzzles are the reason that everything that I do with programming feels so rewarding.
"Talk is cheap. Show me the code." - Linus Torvalds.

     I am very interested in hearing about opportunities to create something for you. Feel free to contact me. I have a list of references that I tend to use when problem solving during the development process that you can read through. I also have a small list of developers that I have worked with and trained with. Please check back to my site as I work on new projects and add more to the site itself. Have a wonderful