My adventures in the realm of Information Technology


      My name is Tyler Adlich and ever since I was young I have enjoyed technology. I enjoy learning about what makes things work and making them work the way I want them to. I started to research computer hardware and networking to better understand the machines that were becoming more and more common throughout the modern world. The further I got into learning about the hardware the more I became interested in software; I needed to know what made these programs on our computers tick. Thus began my journey into development.

      I took to the internet to discover as much as I could about programming and the languages that controlled the machines responsible for so many things. In school I was able to take classes related to computer maintenance and networking, but this still left something to be desired from the software side of computing. So after completing school I sought out a higher degree of knowledge on the subject. I found my way to Centriq Training.


      I am currently attending Centriq Training's Career Developer program to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to become a full-stack .NET developer. With these skills I can establish a solid, enjoyable career in the field that I am passionate about. With each day that passes I gain new understanding for the complex but wonderful world of programming. Soon I will complete the course and enter the world of developers making software that solves real-world problems.

Future Plans

      After I start my career I would like to continue my coding education to become knowledgable on even more techniques and technologies. I want to broaden my understanding of code and programming for the different levels of development. I plan on continuously working on projects and updating them as my skills change and become greater. As a developer I understand that this field is always growing and changing, so it is imperative to keep up with the changes.